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And The Critics Say...

The New York Times:
Mel Gussow, 1980

"First there was Star Trek. Then there was Star Wars. Now...there is Starmites, which is certainly the mite-iest of the three  intergalactic epics, a vest-pocket musical nebulae of cheerful nuttiness. A near solo-creative flight by Barry Keating - book, music, and lyrics and co-direction...Starmites might appeal to a constellation of space-trippers, adults as well as children."

Broadway Production Photos

The New York Times:
Mel Gussow, 1989

"...the appeal of Little Shop of Horrors...Starmites has a childlike fancifulness and genuine affection for it's genre...To its credit, Starmites never takes itself too seriously and is always tongue in cheek. It remains a light-hearted space flight..."     more...

And The Theater Troupes Say...

Starmites was the most satisfying and unifying theatrical experience in my 17 years of H.S. theater. My entire staff and I couldn't and wouldn't stop dreaming and creating. There's nothing in Starmites that's impossible or wrong for schools. The variety of melodies offers something for every vocal range in school from the highest soprano to the lowest bass, and the songs will live in the students' minds forever. Acting, music, dance, tech: pick and choose your strong suit, and the rest just happens and works. Up to now I would never consider repeating a show, but after Starmites, I would.   - Len Borovay, South Sachem High School, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY      more...

And The Fans Say...

Amateur Production"Finally this cult B'way Musical is on CD for all to enjoy! With a charming & witty score by Barry Keating, Starmites tells the lively story of a girl who loves science-fiction comic books and gets swept away into 'Innerspace,' where she meets all sorts of Good guys (the Starmites) and Bad guys (the wild Diva and her evil Banshees). You get to hear a young Liz Larsen (recently in A New Brain), Gabriel Barre, Victor Trent Cook (from Smokey Joe's Cafe), Gwen Stewart (Rent), Mary Kate Law (The Sound Of Music) and many other talented performers. Good triumphs over evil with brilliant vocal arrangements. A must for any musical theater buff."

"What A Joy! This is truly a cute show! Barry Keating might be the next Menken/Ashmen! It's...a mix between Little Shop Of Horrors and Starlight Express."      more...

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