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New York Newsday:

...[an] unassuming futuristic rock musical, with sweet lessons about the awkwardness of growing up...It contains enough spoofs of the sci-fi genre to keep adults amused, and enough high-spirited music and action for all...The production...brims with charm and wit..."     complete article

The New York Times:
Leah Frank, 1992

"Starmites is an utterly charming musical...You do not need to be a science fiction buff to enjoy Starmites. The only prerequisite is that you be, or once were, young...Starmites is about how people discover self-confidence and build self-esteem. It is also about individuals' discovering the center of their beings so they can grasp what is important and what is superficial. In short, Starmites is a living cartoon about growing up that should appeal to children of all ages."     complete article

Broadway ProductionThe Boston Globe:

No two ways about it, Starmites is out of this world. The heroine Eleanor is a modern-day Dorothy who dreams of being a super-hero and wakes up to find herself not over the rainbow but up above the stars in a phantasmagorical galaxy. Creators Keating and Ross took a few simple clichés (Love conquers all and beauty is only skin deep) and created an old-fashioned escapist entertainment that never stops laughing at its own implausibility. It is evident that everyone involved is having so much darn fun. It is one of those feel good family shows. This is a show for the young, not to mention the young at heart.

The New York Daily News:

In this genre, you have "Cats," "Starlight Express" and now Starmites. Starmites is a sort of trailblazer. Extreme high energy!

Broadway Production
The Boston Herald:

"Starmites is a galactic good time! If you ever find yourself taking a wrong turn on the road to Oz or Never-Never Land or Shangri-La, pray that you're lucky enough to wind up in Innerspace, a planet just a dimension or two away from Earth...Starmites has a sassy personality all its own...a show that's almost too much fun for mere earthlings to bear."


CBS Radio:

Big on enthusiasm and energy!

Broadway Cast PhotoThe Massachusetts Sun:

"Zowie! Starmites is a living comic book...Part morality play, with good triumphing over evil, the Barry Keating/Stuart Ross musical is spiced with hints of Peter Pan, Wizard Of Oz, Robin Hood and Star Wars, and a helping of feminism thrown in for flavor...It's tongue-in-cheek humor brings a comic book adventure to life in a vivid, colorfully staged production...Starmites is for kids and the kid in every adult - as attest to by the standing ovation...It's pure camp, long on funky fun and sheer entertainment."

WMCA Radio:

It's a clever campy idea with a throbbing rock score, lifting bits from Star Wars, TheWizard Of Oz, Peter Pan, Lord Of The Rings and The Magic Flute. Starmites is aimed directly at a teenage audience. Kids will love it!

Broadway Production

The Boston Phoenix:

"Starmite, star bight - a musical that conquers Innerspace! A production that's both brisk and warm, and a sensibility as winningly ironic as that of Rocky Horror Picture Show or Little Shop Of Horrors."

Broadway Cast PhotoNBC TV:

The phrase Broadway musical has come to mean a cast of hundreds, lavish costumes, spectacular sets. You may or may not get good musical theater. Starmites was fun! Wonderful performance! Campy entertainment for the young and young in the heart will get a kick out of it.

The Soho Weekly News:

"Starmites is fun. It's a take-off on science fiction comic books, rock musicals, Peter Pan, The Wizard Of Oz and punk culture. And yet, it possesses a life, a voice and a sense of humor which are all uniquely its own." 

Broadway ProductionChristian Science Monitor:

"A magical, musical adventure...enthusiastically served...With its broad and suitably adolescent jokiness, Starmites would seem aimed at a teenage audience - or perhaps just at the latent teenager in all of us."

ABC Radio Network:

Starmites is sure to bring some smiles...A fresh new American musical. The score and script are irresistible.


Backstage Magazine (NY):

"A richly melodic score...hysterically funny...What more to say? There's something here for all ages and all levels of sophistication."

"Delightful and witty Starmites...proved, once again, that there's no substitution for creative imagination."

The Daily Item (MA):

"This is a charming, engaging, often hilarious musical that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Starmites is an adventure of sights and sounds...The costumes are wild, the music is inviting, the performances are excellent and the spirit is contagious."

What's Up Magazine:

Broadway Production"Joyous! ZIP! ZAP! ZALOOM! BIFF! AARCH! Move over Tinker Bell, Alice, Dorothy and Annie - Eleanor, the Superhero Girl, has arrived...this pop rock musical fable is guaranteed to leave a smile plastered on theater-goers faces from start to finish...The book by Stuart Ross and Barry Keating is riotously outrageous. Keating's score, a mix of punk, soft rock and ballads, is sheer joy...this space age musical would be a natural for the next decade or two!"

WEEI Radio (NH):

"It has...Broadway written all over it...It's got a driving beat that constantly encourages dancing..."


"Show Business is alive and well and kicking up its heels...The Super-Heroes and Weird Villains zoom out of the Comic Books [the] absolutely delighted...audience responded with an enthusiastic standing ovation...chillingly scary and hilariously funny...So, folks, if you hated Alice In Wonderland and Star Wars and The Wiz, don't bother to go to Starmites, stay home and Fogey-out! But, if you've got even a little bit of the 'kid you once were' still left in you, Run, Do Not Walk, to Starmites...It really is one helluva good show!"

Broadway Production

Summer Week Magazine (NH):

"A star buster of a show! No fun loving soul should be one more day without experiencing this extraordinary entertainment... a varied assortment of Pop, Soul, Rock and operatic fun tunes...Now how can you go wrong investing in this performance? The answer has to be Broadway and Big Bucks for ALL."

The American (NY):

"...high-flown wit and clever double entendre...Starmites, in more ways then one, is out of this world."

Hudson News (NY):

"For the young and not so young, Starmites is an upbeat, fast-moving, very energetic story...Lots of music and energy, with a twist of cannot help but be completely transported into Innerspace!"

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