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Amateur Production

"One of the greatest musicals to ever grace the Broadway stage. The songs are simply wonderful and can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages. "

"Anybody who's interested in putting on a great show, check out Starmites...It's funny, energetic and great for all ages."

Amateur Production"Starmites...made me fall in love with Broadway."

"One of the lost gems of a theatrical decade."

"A show to bring back to Broadway...Starmites is a wonderfully written show that did not get the credit it deserved. Compared to other things on B'way now Starmites deserves the

spotlight. Now everything is badly written movies brought to the stage. I say leave them on the silver screen and bring more things like Starmites to the stage."

"The music is simply awesome...the songs are incredible, and the singers have glorious voices."

Amateur Production

"Generally, I don't like musicals. I think the music is over blown and it just drives you nuts to have to listen to it all the time...But Starmites was amazing...I can listen to it all I want and I never get sick of it."

"The upbeat songs can't keep you in your seat for long."

"...It was an extremely fun musical to perform in. The best thing about it was that it wasn't the traditional musical, it was different, and interesting...its a wonderful show."

"An upbeat lively musical that touches your heart and soul!"

"A campy, fun musical in the vein of a Little Shop Of Horrors..."

"I'd have to say that Starmites is one of my top three favorite musicals. I memorized it in a matter of two days, because I just couldn't stop listening to it. I've seen Starmites before and it rocked; I own a copy of the soundtrack and blast it daily."

"It is one of the best musicals I have ever seen...and it is so much fun...the music is great and so are the characters..."

Amateur Production

"My school just put on Starmites and it was an absolute blast. It was our first completely student directed mainstage musical and everyone, even non-theater go-er student types, raved about it. People said it was the best/most fun thing they have seen in years. Our cast had an absolute blast. I recommend it highly ."

"I imagine that if the show opened now, it might get the same audiences that Rent and Footloose pull in."


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