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The Starmite Story

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Starmites opened on Broadway in April, 1989 at the Criterion Center Stage Right, produced by Hinks Shimberg, Mary Keil, and Steven Warnick. It was nominated for six Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Sharon McNight was nominated as Best Actress In A Musical; Gabriel Barre and Brian Lane Green, Best Actor In A Musical; Larry Carpenter, Best Director; and Michele Assaf, Best Choreographer.

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The Story With Corresponding Musical NumbersBroadway Cast - Click for larger image

Shy teenager Eleanor has built a fantasy world around the characters in the science fiction comic books she collects. Much to the distress of her mother, she has learned to avoid the pains of growing up by escaping into fantasy, imaging herself to be an unrecognized superheroine. (SUPERHERO GIRL) Alone in her bedroom on planet earth, Eleanor is drawn into the conflict between Shak Graa, the arch-creep of chaos, and the Starmites, guardian angels of Innerspace. The Mites and their heart-throb captain, Space Punk, explain the situation: only Eleanor, who is really the pre-ordained savior of the universe, can save the earth from destruction. (STARMITES)

She and the Starmites team up to find "The Cruelty," a musical instrument of mind-bending power, to keep it from the clutches of Shak Graa. (AFRAID OF THE DARK) In the gloom of Shreikwood forest, Eleanor tries to calm the frazzled gang with an earthly lullaby. (LITTLE HERO) The sleeping Mites are abducted by a squadron of winged women with dangerous hair-dos. (ATTACK OF THE BANSHEES) The would-be heroes are brought before Diva, tempestuous and long suffering Queen of the Banshees. (HARD TO BE A DIVA)

Diva, who is guardian to the mind-zapping Cruelty, needs one of the Starmites to wed her sweet but gawky daughter Bizarbara. Meanwhile Space Punk and Eleanor discover a dawning attraction. (LOVE DUET - BY YOUR SIDE) Diva's daughter also falls madly for Space Punk. To save his comrades from a torture "that will make internal hemorrhaging look like a picnic," Punk agrees to marry Bizarbara. (BIZARBARA'S WEDDING) At the last minute, he refuses, declaring his eternal love for Eleanor. (MILADY)

To comfort her rejected daughter, Diva magically transforms Bizarbara into a dead-ringer for Eleanor. (BEAUTY WITHIN) Punk now thinks he is to marry Eleanor. To celebrate the nuptials, Diva allows Trinkulus, the lizardly Starmite mascot, to play the mysterious "Cruelty." As he performs, Starmites, Banshees, and even Diva are caught in its hypnotic spell. (THE CRUELTY STOMP) Shak Graa captures the Cruelty and Bizarbara (who he mistakes for Eleanor). To become Master of Earth, he must sacrifice the earth child. Devastated, Diva and the Starmites, inspire the real Eleanor to find Shak Graa and rescue innocent Bizarbara. (REACH RIGHT DOWN)

In the Sacrificial Lab, Bizarbara voluntarily sacrifices herself to save the earth. Eleanor appears and, backed by the Starmites and the wounded Space Punk, fights Shak Graa's Cruelty with the power of her own inner strength. (IMMOLATION) With Shak Graa destroyed, it is revealed that Eleanor is indeed the legendary Milady, Diva's true daughter. Bizarbara, is united with her real mother on earth, and both worlds rejoice that harmony is restored. (All is not perfect, however: Shak Graa, too, has escaped to earth.) (FINALE - IT WASN'T A DREAM)

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