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The Starmite Story
Starmite History

As Innerspace became decimated by Shak Graa and his Droids, and Oragala's priestesses were warped in Shriekwood by the Cruelty, the human Starmites went underground and trained in guerrilla warfare. The dark magic of Shak Graa was impossible to fight openly, but the elite band of Starmite warriors used tricks and sneak attacks to distract Shak Graa and his Droids from their efforts to find Milady and penetrate Shriekwood.

Broadway Cast PhotoIn a fury, Shak Graa struck back and eliminated all the Starmites. Four children were overlooked. Nine-year old Space Punk, in a dazzling display of youthful heroism, led his friends, seven-year old Ack Ack, six-year old Herbie, and five-year old Dazzle, past the Droid killers and into the outskirts of Shriekwood where they laid low for several days. Arch Villain Graa and his wraiths were fearful at that point of exploring Shriekwood, and besides they didn't care about four scrawny little boys.

Punk raised his charges as Starmite warriors, piecing together as best he could remember, the Starmite Code Of Gallantry And Action! The resilient boys rose to the challenge of their stoic lot, and determined to acquire the skills needed to avenge their friends and families. They knew that alone, their efforts would be hopeless. The magical savior of Innerspace, Milady, must be found. The Mites would then become her protectors, and somehow (they were unclear about the details) assist her in bringing about the Fall of Shak Graa. They basically had no knowledge of women at all, except for the beloved memories of their mothers and sisters. To them, women are either sacred beings to be revered and worshipped, or ferocious cannibalistic monsters lying in wait for them in Shriekwood.

Space Punk is the ultimate older brother figure. The Mites idolize him. He can do no wrong. It is very rare for them to question him as they do in the Forest, and that is because they do not yet grasp Punk's relationship to Eleanor. (It's like when a big brother gets his first girlfriend.) There were no Starmite adults left, so Punk had to evolve a wild boyish sort of discipline which worked quite well. Mites are allowed to tease and clown and in-fight, like wolf-cubs testing their powers, but when Punk snaps them to attention, they are dead serious. They do as he says; he is Grand Exalted Captain. That's not cutesy stuff. The Starmites hate cute. They are tough and macho, as far as they are concerned. They are not little boys. They are men. Better than that they are MITES. Their lives depend on proper discipline. Once they understand that Punk means business about Eleanor being Captain, they know they must obey. However, as soon as he leaves, it's a different story. Eleanor is like a substitute teacher - they really test her. They are still learning to trust her up to the Lullaby, then it's a different story. And once they are captured, of course, in-fighting stops and it's all for one and one for all.

In order to survive in their terrible and unhumorous circumstances, the boys have become great at clowning and kidding when faced with impossible odds. They may intellectually object when asked to face the dangers of the plot, and they may be scared inside - but they are determined not to show it. In showing fear, a Starmite loses face - so he snaps back into heroic attitude immediately.

Heroism. Macho. Gallantry in the face of danger. Soldier-like. Samurai trained. Stoic. Wise-cracking. Knight-In-Shining-Armor. That is what these guys have trained themselves to be. They do act like school-kids sometimes, and that can be charming, but these are special heroic boys.

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